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Want to reduce risks of your ATM and payments migration project?

Complete end-to-end EMV migration and ATM software testing solutions.

Need to improve payments certification testing?

Increase payment certification testing bandwidth, speed and code coverage without increasing your headcount.

Decided to take a strategic view to ATM and payments testing across your organization?

Approach the increasing scale and complexity of 21st century payment processing testing while lowering risks and costs.

Facing a deadline with a critical ePayment testing project?

Meet that tight timeline for your high-visibility testing project without sacrificing quality for speed.


We think a company such as ours is known by the customers it keeps. Fact is we serve 600 clients in 90 countries. Many of them are the leaders in their particular part of the payment ecosystem

This much experience with this many customers means that if it has happened in payments testing, we have encountered it somewhere along the way. Our payments testing solutions deliver tangible improvements to the top and bottom lines of our customers.

Want to stress test a big ATM network?

Paragon’s payments performance testing products have handled 34,000+ ATMs across various networks running 7,000+ transactions per second.

Need to run some payments network regression tests?

Paragon automated payments testing solutions run 9,000 regression tests overnight and deliver a copy of results before start of business next day.

Got testers around the globe?

Paragon’s cloud-based payments testing solutions have connected 700 users globally improving productivity by 150 percent.

Want to reduce ATM configuration time?

We have helped customers reduce it by 67 percent.

Certification taking too long?

We have cut certification time by 68 percent for our customers.

And we are far from done. We are continuously looking for new ways to use technology to help our customers get the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness they need. We hope you see evidence of that in various places on this website.

Revolutionizing The Way The Payments Industry Manages Change

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Webinar On Implementing EMV At The ATM In U.S.

Why choose Us

For over 20 years Paragon Application Systems has provided software testing solutions to the world’s leading financial services brands. Today, we are the leading independent global provider of simulation, configuration and testing solutions. Our customers drive more than 100,000 ATMs, connect to over 100 interchanges processing thousands of transactions per second.

Our Mission

The corporate culture we maintain is one that believes “good enough, isn’t!” We have built our company and reputation on this approach to every aspect of our work. We are confident that if we perform at the level that is acceptable to us, then the relationships we establish with our clients will last for years.

What you get

It has become fashionable for companies to list the “values” they claim underpin their business. We also have a list but tend to keep it to ourselves. We use it internally to ensure we are consistent with what we claim matters most to us. There is one word we believe captures all our values – rectitude. It means to do the next right thing. Expect that from us.